2 beds in a 2 BHK apartment

Jaypee Wish Town, sector 128, Noida, Uttar Pradesh


Hi everybody, Looking for 1 or maximum 2 flatmates to move in as soon as possible at Pavilion Court-12, Jaypee Wish Town, Sector 128, Noida. It is a 2 BHK apartment on the 11th Floor with THE BEST WINTER TERRACE EVER. Convenient for people in Amity, people working in and around sector 125,HCL, sector 132 etc. The occupancy here is on per-bed basis. The fixed rent is Rs. 7500 (excluding electricity which is another grand,A BARGAIN CONSIDERING WHATS ON OFFER). The society has basic facilities for physical activities as well which includes a basketball court, a tennis court and a small football turf. The occupancy rate of the proximate buildings is fairly decent and its usually vibrant. I'll share more pictures if required. Interested people connect with me on 9163135616 (Whatsapp or Call) for further clarifications and inquiries about absolutely anything. Thanks


Paurush Yadav


AC,Internet,Fridge,Washing machine

Preferred Partner





Early 20s