How It Works

The procedure for this is very simple. You as a viewer for this site will go through a few phases. They are

• Personal details
• What you desire
• Your personal page
• One on one communication

In this section, the person who is in search of a Roomi is asked to give certain details. The details needed are i.e. Name, and other details

In this section you need to mention about the kind of Roomi you want.

In this phase, the user who has put his/her query regarding the need of a partner will have a sign up page of his own.

In this phase, the user can accept the query of his/her interest and can have one on one communication with the concerned person the personal details like the phone no and email ids can be shared and the two parties can talk to one another. Looking for something? Use the search engine on the Main Page. You can also choose the Add that interests you and search for more offers in your area.