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Move In Immediate
Brokerage N/A
Deposit INR 25000

Osama Nayyar, 21


Looking for tenats

Male of any age


Shared rental accommodations for individuals (Studio Apartment)
Sarvodaya Enclave, New Delhi, Delhi, India

These dorms that are for boys and situated in south Delhi region are insanely great! The rooms are beautifully maintained, very well ventilated, well lit along with a pleasant view from the balcony. It was by far one of most premium property in the very peaceful locality of Sarvodaya Enclave. The facility has a total of 26 rooms spread across three floors with a working lift for the residents' comfort. The bathrooms are equipped with all the modern hardware and design. The common areas are a great place to relax with your friends over a cup of tea with huge glass windows lighting up the room with natural daylight. The beautifully decorated terrace just adds to the refreshing experience for the people who will wish to reside in the property.

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