The weekend is just around there and it’s time to groove on your and your roommate’s favorite tunes, eat your favorite food, drink your hearts out, and forget about everything else. 
1. Blue Frog, Mumbai – founded by a group of musicians themselves, this place is known for its live music, great ambience, high-tech LED lights and egg shaped sitting shells and the attraction of the place the artists are from different origins.

2. SinQ, Goa – one of the top clubs in Goa. And provides you with either an indoor clubbing or party outdoors in the Upper Deck. You and your roommate even have a choice of hot sun bath or swim in the pool and the best thing, relish the international cuisine.


3. Lap, Delhi – Arjun Rampal’s “Lap” is located in Samrat, a five star hotel, and it houses the posh crowd of Delhi, and the best DJs are playing here all the time. If you and your roommate are page 3 party lovers, this place is the right place for you two.

4. Tantra, Kolkata – one of the best nightclubs. Two bars, a hangout area, playful dance floor and one of the renowned place for fashion shows and international events.

5. Blackout, Jaipur – nicely built and great ambience with the separate open roof areas and the disc area, nice variety of drinks and quality people and amazing food.

6. Sky Lounge, Bengaluru – If you and your roommate is more than “just roommates”, then this is a perfect place for a date, with a breath taking view, which live up to its name. An open air sitting, splendid music collection, live DJ, bar with most exquisite drinks and a nice floor.

7. Area 51, Pune – 4-level spaceship shaped club. Circular in shape, top level revolving, mid-level is especially designed to host exclusive private parties and the lowest level is reserved for a dance floor with advanced light plus an enclosed hydraulic lift. And the food too has a vast choice.


8. Tryst, Mumbai – might be a lot heavy on you and your roommate’s pocket but surely it’s worth it, VIP treatment with a personal butler and a bouncer too. It gives you the feel of a light show with a number of LED lights poke out from every corner. 


9. Playboy Club, Hyderabad – it’s not like “The Playboy Clubs” around the globe. It’s just the usual type, varied DJs for different days, visual artists, bar and dance floor.


10. Shiro, Mumbai – awarded the best bar for dancing in 2014 at times food and nightlife awards, and it justifies the award too. The divine cocktails with Japanese castle style along with water cascades go hand in hand.  Moreover your and your roommate’s need of good food is also fulfilled here rather more than that and dance is simply awesome.


11. Haze Club and Lounge Bar, Chandigarh – glitzy night-club and lounge bar within a hotel offering live DJs and a compact international menu.

12. Club Cubana, Goa – a right destination to put on your dancing shoes, and dance on a mix of international, electronic and popular Bollywood tunes.

13. Triology, Mumbai – has got a lot of things to offer.. a nice sea view, sexy models, cozy couches, a wooden bar on level one and a dance floor on level second, with the two attached with a glittering red staircase.

14. I-Kandy, Gurgaon – host for both international and national artists, this place has truly evolved and taken the nightlife of Delhi to new heights. Opened till 4:00 a.m. in the morning, it has every reason to top the list.

15. Aer, Mumbai – open-air, roof top bar on the 34th floor of the Four Seasons Hotel for cocktails, and an unforgettable dancing experience surrounded by the city’s light on one side and sea on other.

If you and your roommate are in any of the mentioned cities, your weekend is already planned..!!