7 Things To Remember If You Are Moving To Mumbai

Mumbai has left an indelible mark on our personality and life. We have fallen in love with this melting pot of a city where you can find great paradoxes and little joys at every turn. Here are a few reasons why I think Mumbai is the most amazing city in the world.
1.Want to check-out the city? Have a ride in local train! "LIFELINE OF MUMBAI".
If you've got the time and an appetite for exploration, then you can probably figure out this city in a matter of days. And if you lose your way just look around, your fellow passengers will go out of the way to guide you.
2.Fed-up of life , Turn around to Marin-Drive ,Arabian sea is waiting for you to Boost -Up
Whether it's Marine drive or the Worli-Sea Face, nothing calms down frayed nerves better than the soothing sea breeze.
3. In Mumbai, you’ll soon realize that in this city, you'll never eat your fill and never be hungry enough to starve.
When you’re chasing after your dreams, you tend to forget food and drink. But when you do remember, there’s always Vada Pavs and Misal Pavs.
4.cobbled architecture of Colaba transports you to another time and place in history.
For every India Gate, there is a Gateway of India. And then there are the Elephanta caves, Nariman Point and Queen's necklace.

 5.'Work hard, party harder', was probably exclusively for Mumbai.

Whether you leave work at 6pm or 11pm, you will never complain of being bored or jobless. Hop into a club in Bandra and see how rewarding a good work-life balance can be.

6. Mumbai will  not let you alone.
They are the most accepting lot of Indians I've met. The cosmopolitan temperament of the city instantly makes you feel one with the people.

7. Mumbai has a giant heart.

 Many people in Mumbai don’t have much in the way of material possessions, but whatever they have, they’re willing to share.