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Chennai is a city that has different localities with different vibes each catering to different orientations. The boundaries are forever expanding to include neighboring districts into the corporation. Many localities are being newly incorporated into the Chennai Metropolitan Region.

These are some of the old and new areas that have a huge scope for development and are ideal for residential purposes.


This locality is one where the property market is constantly appreciating in value. Any investment now will yield higher returns later on. It is a mix of residential and commercial establishments, known for its green cover. There are many schools, hospitals, and eateries here, thus covering major aspects of living requirements.


It is an up and coming locality that is worth investing in. Since it is still under development, there is not much congestion. It has been newly incorporated under the Chennai Corporation and hence, property values have been on the rise. Beaches are quaint and offer a private feel. It is located on ECR, making it an ideal location just close enough to the city yet away from the bustle of a metro.


This locality is being identified as a real estate potential as it is on a major connecting route: ECR. Most of the plots have independent villas just off of the main road and it is fully residential once you get past the commercial undertakings into the interiors.


Mylapore is an ancient locality that has still preserved its charms and legends. This is a great neighborhood with schools, affordable housing and connectivity to all parts of the city due to its location while being lined with temples, varieties of small restaurants and a bustle of activities.


The locality is known for luxury beach houses with beach views. It is fast becoming the go-to place for city dwellers, looking to unwind and relax away from the fast-paced happenings of the city. Neelankarai is one of the areas away from the center of the city as the market is getting saturated in central and interior parts of Chennai.
Hence, it is fast becoming a favored place of residence.


It is not surprising that Purasaiwalkam figures in the list of areas that are ideal for a home, having always been a vibrant neighborhood. All amenities are available at affordable prices with many options for eating out, entertainment, regular shopping etc.


This locality has quite a history to it. Originally, Chetpet is one of the villages that were merged along with some others to form Chennai around four centuries ago. It is known for its well-planned civic amenities such as roads, water supply, electricity and dependable municipal and civic facilities. Many schools and business centers can be found here. Chetpet is a great residential area, which caters to the overall needs of all family members.

Besant Nagar

Besant Nagar is a well-planned neighborhood that has stood the test of time. It has seen a steady increase in commercial activities due to its places of interest with a large floating population. It a preferred place of residence for many due to the presence of Elliot’s beach, temples, and many fine dining restaurants along with a good public transport infrastructure with a terminus.

Anna Nagar

Anna Nagar is located in the center of the city and is a hub for all facilities, be it residential abodes or commercial undertakings. Good schools, shopping centers and various means of entertainment are available in the area. It is well connected to all parts of the city with many buses and share autos plying around the region, as it is an important area of business activities.


Alwarpet is an upscale locality known for its high-profile residents such as politicians, actors, and many public figures. The property prices are high due to much sought after apartments that are built by big names in the real estate industry. Further, numerous restaurants are situated within the area and many offices as well.

Having looked at the perks that come with living in these areas, it is important to look at various levels of convenience in terms of schools for kids, proximity to office etc. before finalizing on the area that is preferred.

These places offer a wide variety of comforts that truly make a house a home

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