Bollywood Movies That Showed Attachment Of Being A Roomi

Our “never ending love” for movies is taken to a next level, when movies are based on “life relations” without whom living is meaningless and empty, and movies like these automatically get closer to our hearts.

 Here is why, we bring you  roomies based movies for you and your loving roomies, so that you two can cherish the lovely bond that you are blessed with and lucky enough to have a soulmate disguised as your roomies.

3 Idiots
One of the best Bollywood movies which shows different aspects of college and hostel life and how roommates affect you in a good manner and they are the best resorts when stuck in any problem and will be there, always..!!
Cocktail – 
A beautiful story of friends turned roommates when Veronica lets Meera stay in her house.
  Pyaar ka Punchnama – 
A fully enjoyed fun story of 3 bachelors cum roommates in Noida, and the way their love lives are messed up because of their dominating girlfriends.
 There is no other place like hostel where you can find your loving roommates and a never ending relation with them and this move definitely lives up to this.
A comedy movie based on how two men pretend to be a gay couple in order to get an apartment. Watch the movie to see what happens next.
Sadda- Adda
Six bachelors form different aspects of life, come together and stay in an apartment in Delhi as roommates, they share their joy, happiness and sorrows and learn how to face problems together as one.
  Delhi Belly
3 strugglers and roommates unknowingly became the target of a powerful gangster when they lose his diamonds. With epic scenes and lazy roommates, this movie is an entertaining movie and has surely taken the “roommate experience” to a different level.
 A 24 year old shy girl goes to her honeymoon alone, when her fiancee calls off the wedding, and her new journey begins, when she shares her room with three men in Amsterdam hostel, and later the roommate-friend relation they all share turns out to be a blessing for all of them.
 Hera Pheri
one of the best comedy movies of all time. Babu Rao has got two interesting tenants living in his house as roommates, what makes the movie more humorous is the fun the trio cooks up when living together.
Movies are real fun but what is more fun, when you have the same relations in your real life. So if you even have a loving roommate, with home living leads to a different and beautiful meaning then write in to us and share your experience with us, we are all ears for your and your roommate’s story..!!