How to persuade your roommate, when he is totally repulsive about it..!!

**Based on my "efforts" of convincing roommate**

You will totally agree with me on this, persuading someone is a difficult task, or rather it is careful planning of events and ideas and how to put them in order that all of this turn into "the awaited result".
Yes, convincing is tricky, but the trick to convince is to make your roommate wonder, why is he actually saying no.. and voila.. when he falls into that trap, you my dear have convinced him.

Below is a precisely "especially made for you" list of 10 points of how to persuade your roommate - 

Thank me later ;) just go through the points first..!!

1. Perfect Timing 

If you want things to go your way, then perfect timing is very important. Approach when your roommate is relaxed and at peace, and the ball will be in your court.
According to a study, if you will go and talk right after lunch or breakfast, the increased glucose level will increase the chances of you having an affirmative answer, the one you desire.

2. Why is the answer "no"..??

Understand the reason behind “your roommate’s no” why is he reluctant and try to clear out the points one by one.

3. Be reasonable - 

Whatever you say and do for a “yes”, be reasonable and logical too. 
For your every action, there will be an equal and opposite reaction, be good, get good.

4. Talk fast, real fast 

They say “slow and steady wins the race” but in this situation, fast and steady wins the race. Talking fast will boost your confidence and your roommate might think you are right.

5. Confidence, your way to winning 

Confidence is the key to success. be straight forward and confident and without any hesitation, don't forget to use the right pitch.

6. Stay calm –

Keep calm.. stay calm.. and talk calmly..!!


7. More and more of..

Tempting hang outs, trips, buffets, pay his bills; lure your roommate into what you want.

8. Give and take

If you ask for a favor from your roommate, make sure to return it. after all, favors come in give and take package.

9. Healthy arguments 

Have a healthy and reasonable argument, because, the thing that you are convincing your roommate for, will go but your roommate will be with you.
10. Your ultimate trump card

If nothing works, make that cute sad face of yours, and your roommate will surely say a yes (my roommate is easily convinced)

Now you can surely thank me..!! :)
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