Treating a person or particular group of people differently, especially in a worse way from the way in which you treat other people, because of their racial skin color, sex, sexuality, etc.
Why we should not discriminate

Discrimination is negativity judging someone or a group of people based on things such as their color, cast, creed, gender and gender orientation, age, physical and mental abilities etc. This cruel judgment affects people's everyday lives and how they live everyday as it severely impacts the way they are treated, looked at by society and how they feel about themselves. Many people have lost their lives as a result of this cruel judgment and behavior of other members of the community, they could have lived good lives to help the community and the world, they didn't have to die. Discriminating against someone is worse than bullying someone as bullies come and go, this will not last their whole lives. Bullying is a short term judgment of someone, it is based on things they can change for example their athletic or academic abilities. Discrimination is based on things that people cannot change for example their skin color or their ethnic background, this lasts for their entire lives. In modern society, we need to support each other like, world hunger, homelessness and water crisis in developing countries, we have learnt this in many different classes. How are we going to end these issues if we are busy discriminating against innocent members of our society? There is a saying: “it is okay for 100 guilty people to escape the wrath of justice however not a single innocent person should be punished, why punish these innocent people just because of their color, caste, creed? There are many laws and rules enforced in modern society so that there is justice for everyone, discriminating against others is doing injustice to them so why discriminate against others? IT IS A WRONG THING TO DO! To make global progress, to right the wrongs of the previous generation we need to work together as the generation of tomorrow. How will we do this if we are judging others? So we should not discriminate against others, instead, we should accept people as who they are, this is why we should not discriminate against others. 

Ways to minimize Discrimination

Now we will talk about ways to minimize discrimination in our society and communities. The ways in which we plan on enforcing to minimize discrimination in our society and communities
 1.Spread awareness
 2.Support each other 
 3.Social experiments

 4.Social interaction 
 5.Community involvement 

 6.Interclass interaction 
 7.Develop non tolerant policies

 8.Spreading Awareness

                  Why we should not discriminate

Community and Inter-Class Interaction

Getting involved in the community and interclass interaction will make people of different ethnic backgrounds, color, race etc. Interact with each other, this will allow people to get comfortable with interacting with everyone. Some people are not comfortable with interacting/living with other groups of people, this can be one of the causes for discrimination. One of the main reasons why people aren't comfortable with other people is because they may listen to stereotypes, some stereotypes instill fear within the person preventing them from interacting with other people. The person, not knowing what to do will unknowingly make bad feelings against some people which will lead them to discriminating against these people. When people live with one another, they will have experience that living with these people they the person may have negative feelings about, these negative feelings will then go away because the person will realise that there is nothing wrong with these people. To make these people comfortable with interacting with one another, would mean to reduce discrimination. 

Don't be the bystander, take action. When we see our peers being discriminated against, we shouldn't just watch as they are being abused, we should take action by standing up against the person who is discriminating against our peers. Supporting the victim will not only help them but will give them a sense of hope and happiness that people are supporting the victim. They will know that everything will be fine soon and that people are at their side ready to help them, they will not be discriminated against. This raises the victims self esteem and makes them more brave, encouraging them to fight for themselves which is exactly what is needed to stop discrimination. This also instills a fear in the person who is discriminating against others because they would know that people are not tolerating discriminatory behaviour which will prevent them from discrimination against others. This will help minimize discrimination.
"Why Show Hate? It's Never Too Late, Do Not Discriminate" has a rhythm to it as the key words "hate, late and discriminate" all rhyme. We defined discrimination as "The maximum hate for minimum reason," our first phrase, why show hate is supposed to represent this definition. We are asking the audience including people who have discriminated against others themselves, Why are you showing hate towards others? this will get the audience thinking about our definition once again which is not only easy to understand but is a very accurate way of defining discrimination, this will result in the audience reflecting upon their actions and actually get them thinking, "Why did I actually discriminate against so and so?" They will then go on to read the next part of our slogan which reads "Its never too late," this part shows hope to the audience and tells them they can right their wrongs. The previous phrase will get the audience thinking about why exactly did they discriminate against others, upon realising they had no reason to discriminate against others, they will feel ashamed, this is also applicable to members of the audience who even though may not have discriminated against others, they may have been bystanders who could have done something however didn’t meaning they are guilty. 

Develop non-tolerate policies

If we were to develop policies that discourage discrimination against people, the people would not discriminate against each other. Many people may feel there is no consequence for their mistake, they would feel free to do what they want.If we develop consequences for this act, policies that do not tolerate discrimination against people, the public would stop discriminating. Developing consequences and working together for one end result will result in achievement of this result. When people do not tolerate discriminatory behaviors, people will not discriminate against others, some policies would discourage discrimination, outline consequences for discriminating against people. An Example would be detention or even suspension if necessary.